You have a mission critical position to fill in the company – and you’re wondering whether to bring in an executive recruiter. Your first thought is to let HR handle the process for you. But you also know that finding the exact right talent could be the difference between good and great – and measurable results for your company.

If you’re intrigued about the thought of partnering with an experienced executive recruiter in Sacramento, CA,, but aren’t completely convinced, here are several reasons that can help you make the right decision for your business.

1. Deeper candidate pools.

Executive recruiters recruit for a living, day in and out. The eat, breathe and sleep recruiting. As a result, they have deep candidate pools in which to tap when you need exceptional talent. These have been developed through years of networking and building relationships with active and passive candidates from your industry, as well as parallel industries.

2. Speed and focus.

Once you give the go ahead, your executive recruiter is totally focused on finding you the perfect fit candidate. As a result, they can act more efficiently than an HR department who has many other functions and responsibilities they need to manage. Through industry connections and high tech recruiting methods, a reputable executive recruitment firm can not only give you access to better talent – but they can do it faster, as well.

3. A wealth of experience.

An experienced recruiter will do more than just make sure a candidate has the right technical skills to do the job. They will meticulously screen them to ensure their personality, leadership style, and internal motivators are all a good fit for the position, as well as your company and its culture.

4. Value-added services.

In addition to actual recruiting expertise, a recruitment firm can offer you a variety of value-added services to help with the hiring process. For instance, they can conduct market research to assist you in developing an appropriate and competitive compensation package. They can also help with negotiations and transitional support.

The bottom line? Finding top-level talent can be tough. But thanks to their extensive experience and strategic relationships, partnering with an experienced executive recruiter can certainly make the job easier.

If you’re interested in learning more about how an executive recruitment firm can help you, contact Pacific ExecSearch. As experienced executive recruiters in Sacramento, CA, our team of experts has the knowledge and proven processes to help you attract, evaluate and ultimately hire top leaders for your senior level openings. Call us today to learn more.