As leading executive headhunters in Sacramento, Pacific ExecSearch knows that more and more employers are requiring executive level candidates to make presentations during the hiring process. It’s simply another way for them to gauge a potential new hire in a real work situation, rather than an interview.

If this happens to you, it can be hard to know how to prepare. After all, you don’t have the job…yet. So you’re really sure what they’re expecting in terms of style and substance. Don’t panic though. Follow these tips for making a great presentation – and a great impression:

Ensure you’re clear on expectations.

Make sure you understand exactly what you’re supposed to be presenting on, what technology you’ll have access to and how long your presentation should take. Also be sure to ask whom you’ll be presenting to so you know how to tailor the information and what tone you should take.

Adhere to the instructions.

This is not a time to get creative in interpreting the directions you were given. The company likely has their own specific reasons for their presentation parameters. Simply follow them. If they ask for a 15-minute presentation, don’t deliver a 25-minute one. Practice ahead of time and trim it down if you have to.

Develop a flow.

Once you know the topic you’ll be presenting on, consider what your key message will be and the primary supporting points. From there, you can develop a clear structure that will enable you to stay on point and make sense for your audience.

Remember, though, this is still an interview. So be sure to incorporate any relevant experiences or accomplishments throughout, or recommendations about what you would do if you were hired.

Don’t divulge proprietary information.

If your presentation includes examples from past work, make sure you’re not disclosing anything confidential or proprietary.

Practice, practice, practice.

In past positions, you might have ad-libbed these kinds of presentations. But don’t take the chance with an interview presentation. Make sure you practice what you’re going to say and even give your presentation to a family member or friend so they can offer their critique on your message, as well as your body language.

Getting ready for an interview presentation takes time and energy. But the more you invest into it, the better your chance of landing the offer.

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