Looking for a new job in the medical field? Working with a medical employment agency can be a great way to find new leads and land the position of your dreams. Not only do medical employment agencies in Sacramento partner with a variety of different medical employers across Northern California, but they can often give you access to job opportunities that aren’t always advertised.

But if you’ve never worked with a medical employment agency, it can be tough to know where to start. Here are some tips to help you:

#1: Use your resume as a starting point.

Create a well-organized resume to start. This will give your medical recruiter a good sense of your background, as well as the types of positions you’re most interested in. It also provides a starting point to talk about your overall career goals, the type of employer culture you’re interested in working in, and the schedule you want.

#2: Be honest with your medical employment recruiter.

You don’t want to be flooded by interview offers that aren’t a good match for you. Likewise, your medical recruiter doesn’t want to waste time searching for jobs you’re not really interested in. That’s why it’s so important to be upfront with your recruiter throughout the process. If you’re not open to working the night shift, for instance, then let them know. They will appreciate the fact that you’re not wasting their time. Plus, you’ll get a more targeted list of employment options that are a better fit for you.

#3: Keep track of your job search.

Throughout the process, keep track of your job search. Record the jobs your recruiter has submitted your information for, including the name of the organization, job title, and when you applied. That way, when you get a call back from your employment agency, you’re not left scrambling to figure out which position they’re talking about.

#4: Be professional and reliable.

Show up to every appointment on time and dressed professionally. Remember, if you don’t present yourself in a polished way, a recruiter won’t want take you seriously. In addition, if they ask you to submit additional documentation about your background, or leave you a message, get back to them quickly with the information they need.

#5: Be patient throughout the process.

It may take some time for your medical recruiting professional to find the position that’s just right for you. It’s ok to follow up with them every couple weeks if you don’t hear back. But be patient. If you’re a strong candidate, there are plenty of opportunities for you – and they can help you find just the one.

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