It wasn’t long ago that an employee was hired at a company and stayed there for decades. Today, you’re lucky if a worker stays put for more than a few years.

As one of Woodland’s top staffing services firms, Pacific Staffing knows that while some turnover is good, too much of it can harm productivity, morale and profitability. So how can you inspire more loyalty among your staff in 2017? Here are 7 strategies to put to use:

#1: Remember, loyalty works both ways.

If you promise new employees opportunities for mentoring, advancement and raises – and you don’t deliver – it’s no wonder they leave. If you want your people to be loyal to your company, then you need to be loyal to them in terms of the promises you make.

#2: Be clear about expectations.

When employees don’t fully understand what you expect from them – and they fumble as a result – they’re going to grow disillusioned. As a manager, it’s up to you to make sure they’re completely clear about your overall vision and goals, as well as individual performance expectations.

#3: Push your employees to improve.

That doesn’t mean constantly criticizing them. But it does mean that you should have high standards for all your employees and be constantly encouraging them to improve. Acknowledge the contributions they make, but also show them areas that need strengthening.

#4: Get employees involved.

Before you make certain key decisions, get your employees involved in the process. Ask for their opinions and insight on the matter before you make a move. They’ll appreciate the fact that you value their perspective. In addition, you may gain important information that can impact your ultimate decision.

#5: Be fair and ethical.

Don’t play favorites. Treat all employees fairly and with respect. And if you don’t have formal HR policies surrounding issues like bullying and discrimination, then now’s the time to create them.

#6: Build strong teams.

Make sure each individual understands where they fit in on the team and why their contributions matter. Provide opportunities for team building so your employees can bond, and develop a sense of camaraderie and of belonging. Recognize people both for their individual contributions, as well as those they make as part of a team.

#7: Provide opportunities for advancement.

Even if you have the best working environment, employees aren’t going to stay around if they can’t progress in their careers. So provide learning experiences and opportunities for advancement. Also, coach and mentor your employees so they understand their strengths and areas that need improvement. Employees who are constantly obtaining new skills and growing won’t feel the need to look elsewhere for rewarding work.

Do you need help hiring loyal team members for your company in 2017? Call the experts at Pacific Staffing. As one of Woodland’s top staffing services firms, we can help you hire better, drive down costs and increase productivity – all while staying focused on business goals. Contact us today if you’re ready to learn more.