Did you know: one third of new hires quit their jobs after just six months? As experienced headhunters in Northern California, Pacific ExecSearch knows not only are these mistakes expensive, but when they’re made at the executive level, they can also deliver a big blow to the company’s image and morale. While some of turnover is certainly due to issues with culture, workplace practices, and engagement – many are the result of a weak hiring process and making these common 4 mistakes:

#1: Hiring only for hard skills.

Technical aptitude is vitally important, of course. But what about attributes like enthusiasm, authenticity, honesty, and vision? When you’re hiring leaders who will manage your most important asset – people – these are mission critical, as well. In fact, the strongest leaders are those who have mastered both technical and soft skills.

#2: Not checking references.

You’d think that when you’re evaluating an executive-level candidate, they’d always be totally honest on their resume. But that’s not necessarily the case. Just read this article for more on reference checking executive candidates.

Whether you’re interviewing entry level employees, or executives, it’s imperative that you check references. References can provide you with a wealth of valuable insight on a particular candidate that you can’t gain elsewhere. At the very least, they can also verify that the facts and figures listed on a candidate’s resume are completely accurate.

#3: Not evaluating candidates in different scenarios.

You’re probably planning to schedule multiple rounds of interviews. But are you also taking your top pick candidates out for drinks, dinner or lunch? Are you introducing them around to their potential team members and assessing how they interact? Are you requiring them to deliver a pitch or presentation on a topic you assigned? If you’re not evaluating candidates in different scenarios – and only conduct very formal, structured interviews – then you’re missing an opportunity to get behind the candidate mask.

#4: Not getting feedback from multiple stakeholders.

When you’re hiring executives, it’s important to get input and perspective from different people at different levels within the company. That means having a prospective subordinate, as well as peers and other stakeholders, such as board members, weigh in on each of the top choice (two or three) candidates.

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