Most everyone in Sacramento would love a job promotion. But only a few rise up to the top. So how are these star performers able to achieve such success – and how can you get in on the game? Here are some tips:

#1. Have the right attitude.

People who get promoted are confident and take pride in their work. They are upbeat, focused, and driven by genuine enthusiasm for their job. They come in early and stay late when needed, and are always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done.

#2. Try to be the best.

Having the right attitude is only part of the equation. You need to have the right skill set, as well. So whatever it is that you do, try to be the best at it. Become the go-to person at your company for information. When you become the main source of information about a certain topic, you automatically become much more valuable as an employee.

#3. Think ahead.

Anticipate the needs of your boss, your co-workers, and your customers. If you see a problem coming down the pipeline, voice your concerns and help create a solution.

#4. Add value

In order to land that promotion, you have to illustrate your value to the team. So take a step back and look at the big picture. Where can you make your mark? Is there a way you can help your employer grow the company or sharpen its competitive edge?

#5. Network within the company

Having a good relationship with your co-workers is important, but it’s also important to develop a relationship with the people who are responsible for promotions. Whether it’s your boss, the HR director, or other company leaders, establish a rapport with these people so they can help you achieve your career goals.

#6. Create goals and a plan of attack.

Create a clear path to your promotion by setting goals, and then developing specific plans and target dates for achieving those goals.

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