As one of Sacramento’s leading medical staffing agencies, Pacific Staffing knows that demand is high when it comes to hiring for health care positions. So when there are so many opportunities out there, how can you get candidates to choose you over the competition? There are a few basic fundamentals you must adhere to. Here’s a look:

1. Build a Strong Employment Brand.

This certainly isn’t something you can do overnight, but it’s critical when it comes to recruiting the best candidates. When health care workers have their pick of many different job opportunities, you need to send the message to potential recruits that your organization is not only a great place to work, but also offers interesting assignments and competitive compensation.

2. Offer a Good Experience.

Regardless of whether you hire a candidate or not, you should provide a positive experience (especially in today’s day and age of social media). If you’re known in the industry for being a resume black hole, treating candidates likes a number, and having a convoluted or lengthy application process, then chances are, you’re missing out on sourcing and recruiting top candidates.

3. Gear Benefits Toward Health Care Professionals. 

To attract the best employees, you’ll obviously want to offer standard benefits, such as health insurance. However, you may also want to take your benefits to the next level by offering those targeted toward health care professionals. For instance, considering the level of education required for many jobs in health care, offering tuition reimbursement or signing bonuses would be highly attractive.

4. Continue the Engagement Process.

Your efforts don’t end once you’ve hired an employee. Even after a new recruit has signed on, it’s important to continue to engage them in order to retain them. If you don’t, these high demand candidates will be back on the market in no time.

Need Help Recruiting Health Care Professionals?

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