You’ve set goals. Worked hard. And are finally reaping what you’ve sown. Time to sit back and enjoy the ride, right?


In fact, as one of the leading employment firms in Sacramento, Pacific Staffing knows that if you’re not careful, your success could actually wind up hurting you and your career.

Here’s why:

Reason #1: Over-confidence.

With success comes a sense of confidence in yourself and in your abilities. Not all bad. When it does become bad is when it goes to your head. You start thinking you have all the answers and that those around you aren’t as smart. You charge ahead without thinking things through because, hey, it worked last time.

What you can do: Past results don’t guarantee future results; so be humble, be respectful, strive to seek input from others, and be open to their feedback.

Reason #2: Fear.

You’ve had some really great successes and results. You’ve won promotions and recognition. Now you’re the one in charge and being on top is…well…scary. What if you make a mistake or a bad decision? All eyes are on you to lead and deliver and you’re freaked out that you can’t replicate past accomplishments.

What you can do: There’s a reason you made it to where you are – whether it’s your work ethic, your skill set, or your dynamic thinking. So it’s time to put your fears aside, put your horse blinders on, and focus on your core aptitudes and your vision for your career.

Reason #3: Lack of Balance.

Whether your success is a new promotion or a higher leadership position, you now have a lot more responsibility and people to manage. As a result, you need to spend more hours at the office and perhaps even start traveling. You’re taking on new challenges and making more money, but you’re also investing a lot more time and effort in your job.

What you can do: While a new position may come with new pressures, it’s important to maintain a positive work-life balance. So unless your job requires you to be on call 24/7, unplug when it’s time to leave work. Take short breaks throughout the day and commit to taking time off and spending it doing something non-work related.

Ready to Achieve Success in a New Position?

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