Building a medical career takes a lot of dedication. Schooling, training, certifications, continuing education – it’s a commitment you expect to pay off. And when you are searching for your next professional role, you can’t afford to take chances. That’s what makes choosing the right medical staffing partner so important.

What should you look for?

  • Robust Website. The website is the face of the staffing agency. If they appear to have cut corners there, you have to wonder what other areas of the company they may have shortchanged. Look for details on the types of jobs they hire for, the hiring process and their longevity in the disciplines you are interested in.
  • Industry expertise. Are they a true medical staffing agency? Look for an agency that employs recruiters who specialize in the industry and hire for positions within the sectors. Don’t work with a general staffing agency with only a handful of medical openings a year and no true expertise in the industry.
  • References. Do they have a good clientele and are they willing to provide you with references you can check? Are there testimonials on their website?
  • Current positions. Do they offer a searchable job board on their website? Are there plenty of opportunities for you to choose from?
  • Reputation. Ask around among colleagues, local medical facilities or schools to see what kind of impression they give to other medical professionals. Look at local review sites to see what others in your industry are saying.
  • Interview process. Do they take time to understand your goals, interests and projected career path? Do they thoroughly screen their candidates for the right qualifications or does it seem like they would just take anyone?
  • Follow up. Do they stay in touch with you throughout the search process and update you after interviews? Is it difficult to reach your recruiter after your initial visit? Do you feel like the two of you are working toward a common goal?
  • Opportunity. Do they have a range of opportunities from contract, contract-to-hire and direct hire? If they don’t have the exact type of position you are looking for, can they offer “stepping-stone” roles that can help you to eventually reach your career goals?

Contact the medical staffing professionals at Pacific Medstaff if you are looking for a true career partner. As Sacramento’s top medical staffing agency, we can find medical job opportunities that suit your skills and experience and lead you to a rewarding medical career. Contact us today to learn more.