You’ve been in a mid-level management position for a while and are ready to move up the career ladder. You have the potential to be an effective leader within your company, but how can you leverage it for even greater career success?

Below are several options you can put into practice now that will help you expand your leadership potential:

Get involved in the community.

The finance or marketing skills you use at work would likely be beneficial to any number of non-profits in your community. You can start off as a board member and then work to become chairman or secretary of the organization. This is a great way to add experience to your resume and also expand your network. Just make sure you get involved with a cause that you’re interested in and passionate about – whether it’s related to your field or not.

Do volunteer work.

If there’s a certain non-profit organization that’s near and dear to your heart, offer to perform pro bono work. Organizations are always on the lookout for those with outside perspectives and skills to help achieve their missions and goals. Beyond helping a good cause, this kind of work may lead to unexpected opportunities with other non-profits or community organizations.

Act as a mentor.

Does your company have a mentorship program? What about your alma mater? There are numerous mentoring programs for young adults, women, and others in need of a mentor. Seek out an opportunity that’s right for you, whether it’s through your company, a college, or your local chamber of commerce.

Become a lecturer.

Besides mentoring opportunities, colleges are also an ideal source for opportunities to lecture. If no opportunities are advertised, reach out to the head of the department you’re interested in or the school’s administration to learn more about becoming a lecturer.

Become an author.

In today’s day and age, that doesn’t mean you need to sit down and write a book. You can author blog posts and publish them on your LinkedIn profile, or set up your own blog. You can also author pieces and submit them to industry journals and websites. You’ll boost your credibility in the process.

If you want to advance in your executive career, you need to take the time to invest in it. Taking on a few of the options outlined above will help you help others, as well as become better known in the field and grow your network.

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