Unique Interview Questions for C-Level Candidates

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As headhunters in Northern California, Pacific ExecSearch understands that the impact an executive can have on a company’s bottom line cannot be overstated. As a result, when it comes time to hire one for your organization, it’s vital you uncover the information necessary to make the best hiring decision. With that in mind, what executive interview questions… Read more »

5 Tips for Hiring Medical Billers in Sacramento

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As one of the leading medical staffing agencies in Sacramento, CA, Pacific MedStaff knows when it comes to medical billing, employee competence is critical to the success of your facility. After all, without efficient billers, you can’t properly manage costs, take advantage of operational efficiency, integrate financial information and build an accurate data infrastructure, and… Read more »

How to Train First-Time Managers

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It’s been proven time and again that workers don’t leave organizations; they leave managers. Whether it’s having a conflict-filled relationship, not feeling appreciated, or being overworked, the end result is the same – and it’s expensive for every company. One bad boss can cause a major headache when it comes to turnover. That’s why, as… Read more »

Baby Boomer Retirement: Succession Planning for Your Company

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As leading executive placement consultants in Sacramento, CA, Pacific ExecSearch knows that for many years, the retirement of baby boomers has been a looming economic threat. Today, that threat is here – with more than a quarter million Americans turning 65 each month. Organizations that don’t address this issue now may find themselves unable to sustain their… Read more »

Advice for Promoting Internal Candidates to Senior-Level Positions

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A key company leader is stepping down. It is your responsibility to fill the role. A direct report of theirs expresses interest in the position. Do you hire from within? Or do you open up the process for external candidates? As executive search experts in the Sacramento, CA area, Pacific ExecSearch knows promoting from within may seem to… Read more »

Tips for Onboarding Contract Healthcare Providers

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Whether you’re bringing on board a locum tenen registered nurse, or an allied health professional on a contract basis, chances are they’re new to your facility. As one of the leading medical staffing agencies in Northern California, Pacific Staffing knows that many times, healthcare organizations expect these temporary professionals to hit the ground running, with little or no… Read more »

Tips for Boosting Patient Acquisition From a Sacramento Medical Staffing Agency

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As a leading Sacramento medical staffing agency, Pacific MedStaff understands that acquiring new patients is an ongoing – and oftentimes challenging – effort. Whether your medical practice is just starting out, or you’ve got years of experience under your belt, a robust patient base is your key to success. To help you boost patient acquisition and grow your practice,… Read more »

Traits to Look for in a Sacramento Executive Recruiter

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Not all executive recruiters are created equal. An effective recruiter can be an invaluable asset, acting as an extension of your team. However, selecting the wrong one can result in a C-level hiring disaster. To help you find the right recruiter for your needs, look for these traits: A successful track record The best indicator of… Read more »